Ireland Inspirations

Ireland Inspirations

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Making a Lasting Impression

A forum created specifically to deposit all of my random thoughts is a pretty crazy idea at first. I'm not sure even I know where this will end up; however, I do find it a nice way to just put into words what's rattling around in my head.
As I compose this entry, I can only reflect on the losses of the many entertainment icons that happened this week. Namely Farah and Michael. We lose people every sing day of our lives; however, there are a few that always seem to have a surreal affect upon us due simply by the fact that they have contributed something so grand in their lives that we are able to reflect upon certain aspects of our own journey through them. Whether you remember how you wanted your hair to look like Farah's, or you can remember the first time you attempted the "moon walk"; you have a moment in your own life that is relived as a result of the contribution of another and a reflection of their achievements. With this said, I began to wonder what things in my own life will I have an opportunity to create this same magic? With every loss, one is reminded of the frailty of life. There are no promises. You only have this moment, right now, to make a difference. Life can be taken from you in an instance, without reason, without warning. I challenge myself as a result, to make a difference. Who I will affect? I don't know. What will people remember about me? I don't know. What I do know is that we all have an incredible opportunity to make radical differences in the lives of others if only we open ourselves to others by way of our talents, our generosity, our humility, and most of all our love. One can only hope that one day, hopefully far in the future, there will be someone in this world that will have been positively affected by your presence in this life. So for now I close my first blog in hopes that in time, I will be able to continue to post encouragement and quality reflection.

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